ActiveCare Direct

Volvo ActiveCare Direct

Telematics Monitoring Directly From Volvo For Free*

ActiveCare Direct is a revolutionary new telematics monitoring and fleet utilization reporting service offered directly from Volvo.

Nobody knows Volvo machines as well as the people who design them, so let us handle the monitoring and reporting for you. We'll do it free for a year on applicable new machine purchases.

ActiveCare Direct Cycle

How It Works

Using CareTrack®—the Volvo telematics system—thousands of machine data points are captured and sent to the Volvo Uptime Center. A team of data analysts then uses a proprietary system to monitor and analyze machine health in real time. This ensures those most familiar with the machine are the ones keeping an eye on it for you.

Profit Potential

Current customer enrolled in ActiveCare Direct are averaging impressive improvements to fuel efficiency, idle times and overall fleet utilization. Customer can also learn how to save money on costly repairs by reducing common machine abuse issues.

Reduced Fuel Cost: 10 - 15%

Reduced Idle Times: 7%

Machine Utilization: 5 - 10% Improvement

What You'll Get:

ActiveCare Direct 24/7/365 Monitoring

24/7/365 Active Machine Monitoring

With ActiveCare Direct, there's no need to decipher raw data or react to a flood of alarm codes. Volvo does it for you.

Get alerts only when they're important
Volvo or your local dealer will alert you when action is necessary so you can focus on the job, not the data.

Avoid unplanned downtime
Remote analysis helps catch problems before they happen, and allows for more efficient preventive maintenance scheduling to increase uptime.

Expedite service
Remote diagnosis aids in one-trip repairs, so you get the proper staff and tools for the most efficient service.

ActiveCare Direct Cuts Through Noise

ActiveCare Direct Cuts Through the Noise

One reason that telematics is challenging is the abundant number of mahcine alerts that are delivered that may or may not require an action—leaving you unable to determine what's important and what's not. Here's how ActiveCare Direct is different:

• Thousands of alerts from your machine are delivered to the Volvo Uptime Center.
• Date is filtered and prioritized using a proprietary system.
• Only a small fraction of alers are used to create cases that make their way to the dealer and customer.
• An email is delivered with not only the alert itself, but a recommended solution and potential result if no action is taken.

Monthly Fleet Reports

Rather than logging in to a telematics portal and sorting through mountains of data, you will get easy-to-understand monthly fleet reports you can use to improve fleet utilization, identify opportunities for operator training, better manage service schedules, improve uptime and reduce operator costs.

ActiveCare Direct Fleet Reports

Fleet Utilization
• View percentage of work time versus idle time—by individual machine, by machine type and by month—across your entire fleet
• Work hand in hand with your dealer to set goals for utilization improvement for your fleet, and identify machines that are underutilized
• Compare the performance of machines at one site location to another

Individual Machine Summaries
Quickly glance at:
• Upcoming preventative maintenance schedules
• Fuel use
• Idle time and productivity
• See how individual operators are affecting your profitability

Machine Abuse Issues
Log instances of potential machine abuse that could be causing unnecessary wear and tear, including:
• High shift speeds
• Hot turbo shutdowns
• Overuse of brakes
• Misuse of work modes, and more—all highlighting operator training opportunities that can positively impact your bottom line

What Machines Are Covered?

New machine purchases eligible for one free* year of ActiveCare Direct:
Compact Excavators:1 EC20D, ECR25D, EC35D, ECR40D, ECR58D2, EC60E, EW60E, ECR88D
Excavators: EC140EL, ECR145EL, EC160EL, EW180E, EW210D, EC220EL, EC220ELR, ECR235EL, EC250EL, EC250ELR, EC300EL, EC300ELR, ECR305CL, EC350EL, EC380ELL, EC380EHR, EC380ELR, EC480EL, EC480EHR, EC480ELR, EC700CHR, EC750EL
Articulated Haulers: A25G, A30G, A35G, A40G, A45G, A45GFS, A60H
Compact Wheel Loaders:1 L30GS, L35GS, L45H, L50H
Wheel Loaders: L60H, L70H, L90H, L110H, L120H, L150H, L180H, L180HHL, L220H, L250H, L350H
Rotating Pipelayers: PL3005E, PL4809E
Pavers:1 P7100B2, P7170B2
Asphalt Compactors: DD30B, DD35B, DD105, DD120C, DD140C
Soil Compactors:1 SD75B, SD115B

*ActiveCare Direct is free for a year on applicable new machine purchases. Product list current as of August 2017. New machines added often. Contact your Volvo dealer for details.
1 Eligible only if fitted with optional CareTack®.
2 Eligible on machines after a certain point in products. Contact your local Volvo dealer for more information.

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