Oils & Lubricants

Genuine Volvo Lubricants, Every Drop Lasts

Volvo Lubricants Help You Avoid Unnecessary Wear

We have designed and built your Volvo machine, and that is why we know what it needs.

Lubricants specially developed for Volvo Construction Equipment machines:
• Improve your Volvo components’ performance
• Extend the service life of your machine
• Reduce fuel and oil consumption

Volvo Construction Equipment lubricants contain many protective additives that reduce wear, bind water, carbon, sludge and metal particles and neutralize acids. Through lower fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced as well, which helps to protect the environment.

Always use Genuine Volvo Lubricants
Genuine Volvo Lubricants meet the high standards required so that your Volvo maintains its performance, productivity and low owning and operating costs during its entire service life.

Diesel Engine Oil

Volvo engine oils are developed for our diesel engines. The choice of engine oil is important to the whole machine’s profitability, both in the short term and in the long run. Depending on the machine and its application, you can choose the right Volvo oil which always gives you value, such as:

• Lower oil and fuel consumption due to low friction
• Outstanding cleaning characteristics
• Minimal engine wear and longer service life
• Excellent protection against corrosion and rust

Oil Check

Requirements for Extended Engine Oil Drain Interval

D stands for Diesel, XX for Volume (Engine size) and F for Engine Solution

VDS-4, Requirements for 500 hours oil drain interval

Volvo DXXH engines (TIER 4i/Stage IIIB):
• Mandatory oil grade: VDS-4
• Genuine Volvo Filter: For D9-D16 engines, Long life Part No. VOE 21707133 and Bypass Part No. VOE 21707132. For D4-D8 engines, Part No. VOE 3831236.
• Fuel Sulphur content: Max 15ppm

Volvo DXXF Engines and general engines:
• Genuine Volvo Filter: For D9-D16 engines, Long life Part No. VOE 21707133 and Bypass Part No. VOE 21707132. For D4-D8 engines, Part No. VOE 3831236.
• Fuel Sulphur content: < 3000ppm. Higher Sulphur content shortens service interval.

VDS-3, Requirements for 500 hours oil drain interval

Volvo DXXF engines
• Genuine Volvo Filter: For D9-D16 engines, Long life Part No. VOE 478736 and Bypass Part No. VOE 477556. For D4-D8 engines, Part No. VOE 3831236.
• Fuel Sulphur content: < 3000ppm. Higher Sulphur content shortens service interval.

• For Volvo DXXH engines (TIER 4i/Stage IIIB): Oil grade VDS-4 is mandatory
• Maximum 12 months between oil change.
• Oil filter must be changed at every oil change.

Hydraulic Oil

The right viscosity is essential when choosing hydraulic oil. But hydraulic oils with the same viscosity may differ a lot in quality. When you choose Volvo hydraulic oils you don’t have to take a chance. Volvo oils can handle high temperatures as well as severe cold. With Volvo hydraulic oils you don’t have to worry about oxidation stability or lubricating capacity.

Axle & Transmission Oil

Just like engine oils, axle and transmission oils are made up of high-quality base oils, mixed with an optimal proportion of special additives. Different transmissions and spur gears have different requirements of the oil’s characteristics – our oils are developed for Volvo’s machines, for maximal operating reliability and service life.


Volvo grease is designed to lubricate and protect machine parts exposed to friction such as wheel bearings, pins and bushings, which operate in very tough conditions. Volvo grease protects at high temperatures and under heavy loading and offers high resistance against water washout. Thanks to its good adherence properties it gives effective protection against corrosion.

Hydraulic Oil, Axle Oil, Transmission Oil, Grease, and much more!

Suggestions & Advice

Change Oil and Filter On Time
For every hour you operate, the amount of impurities in the oil rises, thus increasing engine wear at the end of the oil’s usable life. Seized piston rings are often caused by carelessness with oil changes. It is economical to change the oil filter at the same time as you change oil. A new oil’s characteristics deteriorate quickly when an old oil filter is used. When the oil filters become clogged and the oil circulation is obstructed, there is risk for oil stop and engine failure.

Maintain Cleanliness During All Filling of Oil
When filling oil, it is very important to maintain cleanliness in your work area, especially around the filler hole. Be very thorough because carelessness is one of the major sources of impurities that cause wear, erosion, corrosion and malfunctions.

Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil
This oil is used as an alternative to mineral hydraulic oil for machines that operate in sensitive environments, for example, a gravel pit in a water conservation area. Both the fully synthetic base oil and the additives have been selected for minimal environmental impact in case of spillage. Contact your Volvo dealer to find out what requirements must be met to be able to replace the normal hydraulic oil with biodegradable hydraulic oil.

Check the Oil Level
An oil level that is too low is a frequent cause of component failures. Therefore, check the oil level in the engine, transmission and hydraulic system at regular intervals.

Waste Oil
Waste oils should be handled as environmentally hazardous waste. They may contain substances that cause cancer and impurities such as lead, nickel and copper. Ensure that waste oil is disposed of responsibly and according to the local regulations.

Direct Contact with Oil and Grease
In case of daily contact, the skin may dry out and crack. Therefore, avoid direct skin contact with oil and grease. Oil smoke and oil mist can irritate respiratory organs and damage the nervous system and lungs. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Volvo Oil Analysis
Continuous monitoring of the oil’s status with the help of Volvo Oil Analysis gives better control of your machine, which leads to reduced downtime, reduced time for troubleshooting/diagnostics and lower operating costs.

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